I am Martijn Bakker, all-round computer geek.

This is my space, my little universe where all knowledge flows freely.

Also, you can follow me on Twitter.com/macTijn or Facebook. I’m on IRC. You can find me on irc.fifo.nl as user macTijn.

I work at WeTransfer, a small company doing big things! I’m Chief Engineer there, and it’s the best job I ever had!

I love traveling, especially if I don’t have to do any physical labor :) I am not a big fan of the Daystar. Also, I’m not an early bird. I like special beers, although I don’t really drink when I’m at home. I like people, in the broadest sense of the word. My self-given nickname used to be a pun on my former eating habits involving lots of mcDonalds products, nowadays it’s because I’m such a sucker for the stuff Apple, inc. produces.

I was born in Haarlem, grew up in Hoofddorp, moved to Amsterdam when I was 13, briefly lived in Hilversum, Drachten and Groningen before moving back to Amsterdam. 

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